"Once they separated," says Kevin's ex, "that made life easier for me and my kids"

By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated May 25, 2007 05:00 PM
Credit: Jean-Paul Aussenard/WireImage

Peace came to Shar Jackson after Britney Spears filed for divorce from Kevin Federline in November – people and the press stopped asking the former Moesha actress about the pop singer and her own ex-beau.

“When they were together, somebody was always at my door with a camera wanting to know what I thought,” Jackson, 30, tells USA Today.

“Once they separated, nobody had to ask me anymore about something Britney did. That made life easier for me and my kids,” says Jackson, who is mother to Federline’s children Kori and Kaleb, who in July turn 5 and 3, respectively. “There were a lot of innocent people affected by their relationship.”

Jackson, described as happily single and about to star on the new ABC reality show Ex-Wives Club, also said that her adolescent children (by a former high-school boyfriend), Cassie and Donnie, were even quizzed by their teachers about Spears and K-Ked. “They’ve had to change schools twice,” says their mom.

Not that Jackson, who had a tummy tuck in February to prepare for bikini baring on her new program, shows any rancor toward Federline, Once he and Spears parted, “I knew Kevin would get to be Kevin again and have his life. Britney’s whole life is not realistic; it’s a huge fantasy. And not everybody wants that fantasy,” she says.

Still, Jackson even must have held Spears in some esteem. She named one of her dogs Britney – although that was before the two-legged version took up with Federline.

“I had a bunch of dogs named after pop stars,” says Jackson. “But I didn’t want to be calling that name anymore.”

As a result, she gave Britney to her godmother.