Shannen Doherty: I'm Looking for Love

TV's bad girl says she wants to settle down – but not until she finds Mr. Right

Shannen Doherty’s love life has been anything but Charmed, but TV’s bad girl says she’s ready to settle down – if she can find the man of her dreams.

“I feel really well-equipped now, but I think it has more to do with the fact that I’ve been single for so long and not dating and that I’ve learned a lot about myself,” Doherty tells TV’s Extra.

Still, the twice-divorced star, who is set to launch a new reality show on the Oxygen network called Breaking Up With Shannen Doherty in which she’ll help couples break off bad relationships, says she won’t rush into anything.

“I don’t need to settle for anything less than Mr. Right,” she tells Extra. “I’m a little too old to be making the same mistakes.”

The Memphis native, 35, also says she has learned from her two brief marriages – from 1993-94, to Ashley Hamilton (son of George Hamilton and Alana Stewart), and from 2003-4, to Rick Salomon (best remembered as Paris Hilton’s costar in that infamous sex tape).

Then again, meeting her future mate may not be easy, she says. “Here’s the funny part. I never leave the house, so I don’t know how I’m gonna find him. The guy who delivers the newspaper? Are you cute? I hope so, ’cause that’s the guy I’m gonna meet seriously! I go to work and I come home. Don’t laugh at me. It’s true.”

As for her bad girl image, it seems Doherty is more sensitive than people think. “It’s so ridiculous that stuff I did when I was 19 years old is still being applied to me today,” she says. “It hurts, and I would be lying if I said I don’t cry when I read something bad about myself.”

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