Doherty and Holly Marie Combs attempt to clarify controversial comments about their former costars
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Things weren’t so charming for former Charmed costars Shannen Doherty and Holly Marie Combs last week, after the two caused a stir while promoting their new show and they seemed to knock former costars Jason Priestley and Alyssa Milano.

“I didn’t diss [Jason] or put him down, we just have a different memory of the past,” Doherty told PEOPLE Monday, after she and Combs sought to clarify their comments. She said the two of them felt “bamboozled” by the misunderstanding.

The drama started Friday during an interview on the Jenny Hutt Sirius XM radio show, on which Doherty and Combs were promoting their new road trip show, Off the Map with Shannen and Holly, now airing on Great American Country.

Doherty was asked about Priestley’s memoir in which he recounted a story of her complaining about limos and private jets.

“I love Jason, but you know he had a car accident a racing accident, and I think maybe parts of his memory got altered from that,” she said during the interview.

But the 90210 actress tells PEOPLE that she and Priestley are all good, and that he contacted her on Twitter after the broadcast and “just said he loves me.”

Priestley’s Twitter message to Doherty was forgiving but pointed, however.

“PS. Love you Shannen … I had nothing but love for you in my book…had u read it u would have seen ”

Doherty tells PEOPLE that the focus needs to stop when it comes to any behind-the-scenes 90210 drama.

“We were 18, who cares?” she says. “To keep rehashing stuff from when we were 18 years old it’s like, man, who’s stuck in the ’90s? It’s not me! I’d like to move past it.”

Says Combs: “I’ve seen Jason with her … wax poetically about her and tell her how great she is. So, maybe he should have talked about that memory instead.”

As for any reported falling out with Milano, the duo’s Charmed costar, Combs didn’t mince words, saying, “People should take comfort in knowing we were like real sisters, meaning we got along a lot, we were at each other’s weddings, we didn’t speak sometimes, we hated each other sometimes, we wanted to punch each other in the face sometimes, we were really like sisters.”

Off the Map with Shannen and Holly follows the stars as they travel on a trip through the southeastern U.S. The duo do everything from zip lining to drinking moonshine to releasing alligators into the wild.

As for who is the braver of the two, both agreed the title goes to Doherty.

“I’ll try almost everything,” she says.

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