Shakira uploaded a 38-second video capturing her attempt to take the perfect selfie

By Nicole Sands
Updated July 07, 2016 05:55 PM
Credit: Source: Shakira/Twitter

Shakira’s selfies don’t lie – it’s tough to get the perfect shot!

The singer revealed her struggles in a behind-the-scenes video documenting a photo shoot with … herself. In the hilarious clip, Shakira shows that capturing the natural (yet oh-so-unnatural) moment is not so easy for women with long locks.

“Stay tuned for the behind the scenes of this selfie!” Shakira, 39, captioned a photo she posted to her Twitter on Thursday.

She followed the photo post with a video showing the 38-second process of hair flipping and stance changing that went into seizing the shot.

But you take a look at the singer’s social media, it’s plain to see most of the photos she posts are, in fact, not selfies – and we can’t blame her if this is what it takes!

Wherever, whenever snap a selfie.