For her latest single, Swift took plenty of visual cues from the world of pop culture

Credit: Taylor Swift VEVO

For her new single “Shake It Off,” Taylor Swift told her fans she wanted to make a song that sounded like nothing she’d ever done before. For the song’s video, though, she went in a more familiar direction, taking cues from all manner of popular culture.

Take a look at the eight pieces of visual inspiration we’ve spotted, below.

Taylor’s Own Music Video for "You Belong With Me":

Taylor’s love of awkward dancing (and cheerleader iconography) was evident from an early age.

The "Choreography" Scene from White Christmas:

Danny Kaye’s skewering of modern dance was slightly more barbed than Taylor’s gentle ribbing.

This Gap Commercial from 1999:

Ignore the instantly dated swing revival soundtrack and focus on the parade of happy young people enthusiastically dancing in a gigantic empty room. (Hat tip to Anne Helen Peterson for spotting this.)

The Final Dance from Center Stage:

Respect the legend of Jodi Sawyer, the first dancer to mash up classical ballet and modern pop music.

The Non-Body-Horror Parts of Black Swan:

Taylor’s ballet outfit bears a striking resemblance to the BAFTA-nominated costumes of this 2010 drama.

The Ballet Scene from Little Rascals:

We’re not saying that Taylor dances like she’s got a frog in her tutu, but we’re also not not saying that.

The Fame-Era Lady Gaga:

We would also accept as an inspiration for the video’s “futuristic” segment.

Lily Allen’s "Hard Out Here" Video:

The twerking backup dancers in Allen’s comeback video ignited a minor firestorm during the Great Internet Cultural Appropriation War of 2013, and judging from the initial response, it appears even Teflon Taylor isn’t immune to the same criticism.

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