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November 14, 2016 06:16 PM

There are plenty of sexy men (and women!) in the world, and they’ve given us enough sexy movie scenes to last a lifetime. Here are just 11 of the best.

(A word of advice? Do not watch the videos in this post at work. Or near your parents. Really, just wait until you’re home.)

Eyes Wide Shut
Remember when Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were Hollywood’s hottest couple? We’re a long way from those days, but you can get a reminder in this hot-as-heck scene from Eyes Wide Shut.

Brokeback Mountain
Let’s face it: Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal are both pretty dang sexy in Brokeback Mountain, and that sexiness comes to peak in their sex scene in the tent. Double the attractive men means double the sexy factor.

You may not see most of what happens inside the car, but that hand on the window went a long way to making this one of the sexiest scenes in history. In fact, handprints on car windows never looked the same again.

Magic Mike XXL
We can’t really pick one particular scene from Magic Mike XXL that qualifies as sexiest. Is it Joe Manganiello’s convenience store, Backstreet Boys strip? Donald Glover’s strip-and-rap? Channing Tatum’s erotically charged dance with a drill? Or the final stripping competition montage? Let’s just say them all.

Fifty Shades of Grey
Like Magic Mike XXL, there’s a lot of sexiness in 50 Shades of Grey. But unlike Magic Mike, we can narrow it down to one particular scene: Christian and Ana’s first time together. Losing your virginity has never been so hot (or so not awkward).

The Notebook
There’s no sexual tension quite like years-built-up sexual tension, and that’s exactly what we get in The Notebook, in which we see Noah and Allie reunite after months and months apart. Also, it’s practically an undisputed fact that 99 percent of women dream of being lifted by Ryan Gosling (see: Crazy Stupid Love).

Black Swan
It’s up to the viewers’ interpretation as to whether this scene actually happened in reality in Black Swan or not. But regardless, it’s still super hot, even if there aren’t sexy men involved.

Risky Business
If upping the risk factor turns you on, you should tune into Risky Business, because There’s nothing like a sex scene on a train to get your blood pumping.

From Here to Eternity
They weren’t in “the act,” but Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr’s kissing on the beach felt hotter and more romantic than most on-screen sex scenes do.

Basic Instinct
Before there was Fifty Shades of Grey, there was Basic Instinct. But unlike Fifty Shades, we can’t pick just one scene that stands above the rest when it comes to sexiness — the whole dang thing is pretty hot.

Romeo + Juliet
A ’90s Leo between the sheets, reciting Shakespeare? It doesn’t get much more romantic than that.


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