Lucky You: Sneak a Peek at 9 of Our Sexiest Men Alive 2016

Ahead of Tuesday's big reveal, meet nine talented (and yes, sexy) men who made our list

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Prince Harry - SMA Preview Gallery
Andrew Parsons/i-Images via ZUMA

Though Prince Charming is taken, it doesn't make him any less sexy. What does make him sexy: his commitment to his causes, including wounded vets and his highly successful Invictus Games. Though that cheeky grin doesn't hurt ...

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Keegan-Michael Key - SMA Preview Gallery
Steven A Henry/WireImage

Few things are sexier than a funny guy, and this year especially, Key has been the one tickling our funny bone.

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John Krasinski - SMA Preview Gallery
John Parra/Getty

Ever since The Office, he's been the not-so-secret crush of many a woman, though it's his utter and complete adoration of his wife Emily Blunt and their two daughters — plus his talent and good looks — that land him on the list.

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Drake - SMA Preview Gallery
Kevin Winter/Getty

We've long wanted Drake's hot love and emotion, endlessly, and regardless of if he's giving said emotion to Rihanna or Taylor Swift, we'll wait patiently for the sensitive rapper to drop us a line.

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Rami Malek - SMA Preview Gallery
Steve Granitz/WireImage

Mr. Robot's breakout star (and Emmy winner) tells PEOPLE he thinks some women likely find him sexy because of his television character, though we're more interested in the man himself.

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Nick Jonas - SMA Preview Gallery
Jeff Vespa/Getty Images for Jimmy Choo/Billboard

You've seen that shirtless selfie. You've heard the lyrics to his songs. The youngest of the dearly departed Jonas Brothers made 2016 (and 2015, for that matter) his own, and the world noticed.

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"Suicide Squad" - European Premiere - Red Carpet Arrivals
Jeff Spicer/Getty

He shaved his eyebrows for his role in Suicide Squad, telling PEOPLE of the move that "doing things that scare you is often times the thing that's right for you." That fearlessness is sexy.

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Patrick Dempsey - SMA Preview Gallery

Back with his wife, back on the big screen and back on a PEOPLE coverhe's still McDreamy even without being a doctor.

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Trevor Noah - SMA Preview Gallery
Jim Spellman/WireImage

Though he jokes to PEOPLE that it was his mom who nominated him for the issue, we can assure The Daily Show host that it's forward-thinking fans who did it —and who are tuning in regularly to hear him talk politics and beyond.

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