By Maria Yagoda
Updated November 19, 2015 10:00 AM
Courtesy Broderick Hunter

A-listers don’t have a monopoly on sexy.

We spent hours scouring Instagram for the sexiest dudes on social media. (The only thing hard about that task was the washboard abs. Zing!)

After several days of deliberation, we present you with the five guys you should be following immediately – and, who knows, maybe something could happen?

1. Broderick Hunter Jr., 24

This actor-model @broderickhunter is also a skilled barber: “It’s therapeutic.” (We think looking at Broderick’s chiseled face is therapeutic.)

Follow Broderick If: You have a serious side/appreciate a good smolder.

2. Kane Lieu, 25

An actor, photographer and chef, @kanelieu says he thinks twice before posting shots of his impressive six-pack. “I don’t want to seem like that kind of guy.”

Follow Kane If: You think food is as sexy as a bangin’ bod.

3. Nyle Dimarco, 26

The first deaf America’s Next Top Model contestant, @nyledimarco took away one major lesson from Tyra Banks: “Smizing really brings the best out in the pictures I post.” We agree. Though to be fair, he could make a blowfish face and still be hotter than literally everyone.

Follow Nyle If: You have any sense at all.

4. Landon Falgous, 28

ALERT, ALERT: The model-actor @landocommando0 isn’t opposed to dating one of his 260K followers: “Hey, never say never,” he says.

Follow Landon If: You love travel porn and dudes with a full head of hair.

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5. Julian Schratter, 26

He’s a model and photographer. The sexiest shot Schratter @throughjuleslens has taken? “You’ll have to scroll through my ‘Gram,” he teases.

Follow Julian If: You can’t decide whether you want a sexy man or an adorable puppy.