By Kate Hogan
Updated November 18, 2015 05:45 PM
Annie Little

It’s a simple 15-second spot, but it’s made a big impact among families.

David Monahan and Larry Sullivan starred in a Campbell’s Soup commercial earlier this year with their son Cooper, 3. It instantly lit up YouTube, racking up nearly 1 million views to date.

“I didn’t realize it would blow up and become the big deal it has become,” Sullivan, 45, tells PEOPLE. “Neither of us have been on the ‘I’m an activist’ train, and I still don’t think we really are, because all we’re doing is just living our lives. But it just so happens that our spot is entering people’s living rooms that normally probably wouldn’t let us into their homes, and they don’t really have a choice.”

“When at the end of the day,” Monahan, 44, adds, “all we’re trying to do is pay for preschool and our mortgage! But we’re happy to be that couple who put ourselves out there to just show that families come in all shapes and sizes.”

They also happen to have one very cute kid. “People are like, ‘He’s so beautiful,’ but we had nothing to do with it,” Monahan jokes, citing Cooper’s open adoption years ago. “He tends to light up a room.”

At 18 months, Cooper joined his dads in a Target commercial, but they both say they’re not trying to push him into acting (their trade of choice). “He’s getting a little opinionated to be malleable, but we’ll see what happens,” Monahan says.

As for being called “sexy” by PEOPLE, the guys joke that the term is “in the eye of the beholder.” “We can be sexy on the inside, right?” says Sullivan. Adds Monahan: “I’m happy to be considered sexy at 44. If we can be a sexy gay family I’m happy to be that, too.”

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