Sex Talk Takes Over 'The View' , Barbara Blushes

Barbara Walters asks some probing questions of her co-hosts on Monday

Video courtesy ABC

They’re not shy about expressing their opinions about sensational topics. But Monday, the women of The View demurred – at first –when conversation turned to who’s had a ménage à trois. After citing research that 23 percent of Americans have experienced a “three-way,” Barbara Walters turned her attention to the audience –rather than her cohosts – to solicit confessions. With no responders, Elisabeth Hasselbeck pointed out specific audience members who looked like they have “a three-way face.” And Sherri Shepherd teased, “Barbara looks like she may have [experience].” (For the record, Walters denied being experienced – in that way!)

Eventually, all the women stepped up to the question – and each panelist denied they’ve been with more than one sexual partner. “I’m not going to fake it for two people,” quipped Joy Behar, while Whoppi Goldberg said, “I’m a one person person, so that question is irrelevant for me.”

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