For Carmen Electra the question is whether being known as a sexpot is a good or a bad thing. First it happened on MTV’s “Singled Out,” then on “Baywatch” and now on WB’s new “Hyperion Bay,” on which Electra plays the vice president of her father’s computer company. “I don’t know if it’s a curse or a compliment,” she said of her sexy image. Of her look on “Hyperion Bay,” “I wear business suits and my hair in styles I don’t necessarily like,” she told USA Today. “I wouldn’t wear my hair like that — in a bun, completely pulled back — but it’s right for the character.”

  • The former Playboy model also is wrestling with controversy over her recent wedding to Dennis Rodman. Rodman’s manager initially said the Chicago Bull was drunk during the wedding and would seek an annulment, but the couple are still married. They live in separate homes, but Electra says they’re still in love.
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