Sex Is Good Box-Office, Duh

Gross-out comedies were the big winners at this weekend’s box-office, starting with “American Pie,” a raunchy teen flick about a bunch of high school guys who try to lose their virginity by graduation day. It took in $18.1 million and was the No. 1 movie, according to industry estimates, knocking Will Smith’s heavily-panned “Wild, Wild West” (which made $16.7 million, a 40% drop in business from last week) into second place. Adam Sandler’s dumb-dumb “Big Daddy” was No. 3, with $16.3 million.

  • Other grosses for gross movies: “South Park” (‘can’t wait to hear that score on Academy Award night) was No. 8, with $7.1 million, and the shaggedelic “Austin Powers” was No. 9, with $6.5 million. Meanwhile, the thriller “Arlington Road,” with Jeff Bridges and Tim Robbins (besides “American Pie,” the only other movie opening in wide release), debuted with a tepid $7.4 million.
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