"I love New York ... but I have this amazing affair with the U.K.," admits Kim Cattrall

By Dimi Gaidatzi and Mariana Grebler
Updated May 13, 2008 09:10 AM
Credit: Nathan Strange/AP

Sex and the City is the ultimate New York movie. So where better place to have its premiere than … London?

“Well, this is where our bosses told us to go and we are thrilled to do so,” said star Sarah Jessica Parker at Monday night’s event in Leicester Square. “And I think it is a wonderful kick off for this. In a few weeks, we get to bring it home to America to its birthplace.”

Adds costar Kim Cattrall: “When I found out it was London, I was ecstatic. This is my sort of home away from home. I love New York, I live there, but I have this amazing affair with the U.K.”

The story also seemed to translate well across the pond, as evidenced by the large and enthusiastic turnout at the premiere.

“I knew people were coming because they had barricades, but I didn’t think [it would be] that many people,” said Cattrall. “When I heard some girls were dressing up as the characters I thought that was such fun.”

Also on hand for the premiere? Former Destiny’s Child star Kelly Rowland who dashed down the red carpet just as the screening began. “I’m a huge Sex and the City fan,” she told PEOPLE. “I’m excited to be here. Need to hurry!”