Wedding planning is going well for Meyers, who will take over Late Night in February
Credit: Mike Coppola/Getty

Seth Meyers‘s comedy often trades on the snark, but when it came to his marriage proposal to longtime girlfriend Alexi Ashe, the Saturday Night Live star was nothing but sweet.

“I tied [the ring] in a bow around our dog’s collar,” Meyers, 39, tells Jimmy Fallon of his engagement story, as the two discussed engagement woes.

Meyers, who will take over for Fallon on Late Night in February, said Ashe arrived home later than expected from her job as a human rights lawyer, leaving him to watch his canine friend with concern.

“I just had to sit there looking at the dog. I was like, ‘The dog’s going to eat the ring!’ ” Meyers jokes to Fallon.

All ended well – the ring was safe and the proposal was accepted. “Did I cry? Yeah, a little bit,” Meyers, who’s starring in Hulu’s original series The Awesomes, confesses.

Now that he’s happily ensconced in wedding planning, Meyers jokes that his fiancée’s “excellent taste” leaves little room for his own input.

“Every now and again, she’ll throw me a courtesy question,” Meyers says. “Do you think the invitations should have seashells or lighthouses? I’ll be like, ‘Seashells?’ And she’ll be like ‘…Not lighthouses?’ ”

“I’m like, ‘Don’t ask me if there’s a right answer!’ She’ll have to make it easier for me. Like, ‘You either get to have lighthouses or rattlesnakes,’ ” Meyers says with a laugh.