March 24, 2013 05:00 PM

Don’t watch golf? We don’t blame you. But you’ve gotta see this.

Sometimes, an athlete hits the ball out of the park. Sometimes, an athlete hits the ball into a tree.

That’s just what pro-golfer Sergio Garcia was tasked with doing at Sunday’s Arnold Palmer Invitational, where he proved he was more than willing to work his way up during the tournament’s final round (watch below).

When he hit his ball into the other green on the 10th hole at Bay Hill, Garcia, too, made his way through the branches into the tree. Minutes later, he swung his ball back into play backwards and with one hand.

Impressive recovery shot aside, Garcia, 33, ended up withdrawing from the tournament after making a double-bogey on the hole, reports the USA Today. Still, we’d say this golfer is right on par with the best of ’em.

Watch the golfer make the climb:

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