The CBS TV reporter says she had a headache and blurry vision before she attempted to give a report

There were signs that something was wrong before CBS 2 TV reporter Serene Branson became suddenly tongue-tied during her live report from the Grammy Awards on Sunday night.

“I didn’t feel well before that live shot,” Branson tells Julie Chen on Thursday’s episode of The Talk. “I had a headache. I was having some blurry vision and when I went to open my mouth, obviously you heard, the words were not coming out.”

But Branson, who hopes to return to work soon, says she was fully aware when she slurred her speech during her report.

“Seeing [the footage] – it’s obviously very disconcerting [and] scary because I know what was going on in my head at the time,” she says. “I was terrified.”

Branson also tells Chen what she was trying to say in the report: “I knew I wanted to say that Lady Antebellum had swept the Grammys that night,” Branson recalls. “But the words were not there for me.”

UCLA Medical Center’s chief of neurosurgery Dr. Neil Martin says she suffered from a “complex migraine” – a severe headache which can mimic strokes.