"We get together and we go eat and go to late-night cafes," says the Empire star

By Melody Chiu
Updated September 01, 2015 07:45 PM
Credit: Courtesy ASOS

Whether she’s making a cameo in Taylor Swift‘s “Bad Blood” music video, strutting her stuff on the 1989 World Tour stage or making a splash at the VMAs, Serayah has no doubt become a full-fledged member of the pop star’s squad.

So how exactly did this friendship start?

“I was driving, and my mum called me, saying, “So guess who just called me? Taylor Swift!” the Empire actress says in her new ASOS cover interview. “She said that Taylor had asked for my number so she could talk through everything about the video. I was like, ‘Don’t ask me! Just get her to text me now!’ ”

“When Taylor called, she said, ‘Thank you so much for saying you’ll do it,’ ” recalls Serayah. “And I replied, ‘Come on! Anything! I’m there!’ It just shows that huge pop stars can still have that humility, which is so inspiring.”

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Though Swift’s girl group includes the biggest entertainers in the world – including Selena Gomez, models Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevingne, Karlie Kloss and more – Serayah insists they’re just like any other group of girlfriends.

“We all hang out,” she says. “We get together and we go eat and go to late-night cafes. I think people think it’s this celebrity gathering, but it’s just a bunch of girls, hanging out.”