Senior Citizens React to 'The Interview' (VIDEO)

These elders have no problem keeping up with James Franco and Seth Rogen's jokes from the controversial film


Is your grandma a secret James Franco fan? The signs point to yes.

In the Fine Bros’s newest “Elders React” video, the usual panel of sassy senior citizens sits down to discuss the controversial comedy The Interview.

“I am so glad they released this!” says Catherine while watching the movie’s trailer. “I am so glad they didn’t cave on it.”

Catherine isn’t alone. While everyone isn’t super eager to see the comedy, all of the seniors emit a few giggles during the clip, and it certainly got more laughs than 50 Shades of Grey.

“See if you’re interested,” Lois offers. “No one should to tell you what to do.”

Just another reason to show your elders some respect.

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