White socks will turn off the Victoria's Secret model, who does love "big hands"

By Mark Dagostino
Updated March 03, 2009 01:00 PM
Credit: Richard Ascroft for Best Life

Sultry Victoria’s Secret model Selita Ebanks may not have a particular type – her dating history includes Nick Cannon and tennis superstar James Blake – but she does know what she wants in a man.

“I’m a big sports fan, and nothing is more unattractive to me than a guy who doesn’t appreciate ESPN,” Ebanks, 26, tells Best Life magazine for its April issue. “If I have to explain football or basketball, that’s the biggest turn-off.”

Among Ebanks’s other demands:

No rough play: “Aggression doesn’t belong in the home. And if he gets too excited by gore or violence on television, I’m out of there.”

A firm grip: “A man has to have big, strong hands to make me feel safe. When he makes me feel safe, I feel sexy”

No white socks: “A man once walked up to me and I saw he was wearing white socks with his suit! I would have beat anybody in the dash to get out of there.”

A nice, white smile: “I want to kiss something that looks like it would taste good.”