Report: More People Have Been Killed by Selfies Than Sharks This Year

A 66-year-old Japanese tourist is the latest victim of selfie-related death

Photo: Russian Interior Ministry

More people have died attempting to take a selfie in 2015 than by shark attacks, Mashable reports.

The impetus for the article was the death of a 66-year-old Japanese tourist, Hideto Ueda, whose selfie attempt at the Taj Mahal sent him falling down a set of stairs. This brought the selfie death toll in 2015 to 12, four more than the deaths attributed to shark attacks this year.

Four of the eight deaths were attributed to falling, and the next leading cause of death in selfie-related fatalities was trains. Injuries were not accounted for in the research, but wild animals would surely factor into that, between people getting attacked by anti-selfie bison, the bears of Colorado and a rattlesnake.

Selfie sticks have been banned in Disney parks and warned against in Russia, and Deadline reported that the Emmys also banned the device at the ceremony on Sunday.

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