The easiest way to turn travel photos into winning #selfies
Credit: Courtesy Shawn Pyfrom

People are snapping selfies during the Oscars, during smooch fests – even while flying a fighter jet.

All this forward-facing camera work adds up. According to a recent Pew Research Center Poll, 55 percent of people between the ages of 18 and 33 have taken a selfie and shared it online.

Among those oodles of self-portraits is the popular genre of travel selfies. Feeds are filled with shots of folks mugging in front of world wonders and famous landmarks. Some call travel selfies narcissistic (and then there’s those lice rumors), but according to Psychology Today the shots are perfectly normal.

“News bulletin: Taking selfies is a normal thing to do, especially if you have embraced visual communication,” says Psychology Today writer Pamela Rutledge, Ph.D. “It’s okay for all of us to document our big moments. Who knows how many times you’ll be standing in front of the Grand Canyon or the Leaning Tower of Pisa?”

It’s time to shake off any selfie shame, grab your suitcase and see the world. But before you do, check out our guide to clichéd tourist shots. Avoid them or copy them, the choice is yours.

Leaning Tower of Pisa


Pisa, Italy

Cliché Photo: The Lean Back

Someone has to get that building back in place. Luckily, countless travelers are up to the task.

Egyptian Pyramids


Giza, Egypt

Cliché Photo: The Personal Pyramid

High fives for ancient history!

Washington Monument


Washington, D.C.

Cliché Photo: The Hands-On Approach

Go ahead, touch what your tax dollars paid for.

The Great Wall of China

Location: Jinshanling, China

Cliché Photo: The Point

It’s called “great” for a reason; even Tom Hiddleston is outshined by this man-made landmark.

The Louvre

Location: Paris, France

Cliché Photo: The Just Hangin’

Be like Diddy and show respect for the selfie’s founding fathers … and mothers.

Grand Canyon



Cliché Photo: The Lion King

Good news: Scar isn’t here. Bad news: neither is anyone else.

Great Sphinx of Giza


Giza, Egypt

Cliché Photo: The Kitty Cuddle

Please give this human-cat hybrid a little sugar. He’s only been waiting hundreds of years.

Mount Rushmore


South Dakota

Cliché Photo: The New Neighbor

Four successful and stone-faced guys, seeking a fun-loving fifth roommate.

Buckingham Palace


Westminster, England

Cliché Photo: The Off Guard

If you can get these suits to crack a smile, you deserve all the Internet karma you can fit in your suitcase.

Eiffel Tower


Paris, France

Cliché Photo: The “Can I Have It?”

You can’t take Paris with you, but you can try.

Abbey Road Crossing


London, England

Cliché Photo: The New Fab Four

There probably hasn’t been a case of jaywalking here since 1969.

The Gateway Arch


St. Louis, Missouri

Cliché Photo: The Real Selfies Have Curves

St. Louis provides the arch; it’s up to the tourist to make it work.

Taj Mahal

Location: Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India

Cliché Photo: The Palace Pinch

Is the Taj Mahal ticklish? There’s only one way to find out.

Machu Picchu

Hosted by

Location: Machupicchu, Peru

Cliché Photo: The “Alpaca” My Bags

Looks like there is another creature who loves selfies just as much we do.

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