The on-again off-again couple might be headed for a reconciliation after Gomez was spotted taking his car home on Saturday
Credit: Sam Sharma/Pacific Coast News

On-again or off-again?

Decked out in a hat and sunglasses, Selena Gomez looked incognito on Saturday morning when she was photographed on her way to a recording studio in TK.

The Spring Breakers actress may have been keeping a low profile for a reason: earlier that day, she was photographed exiting ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber‘s car with his bodyguard, X17 reports.

“TK, TK,” a source tells PEOPLE.

Gomez, 20, recently told E! Online that since the couple split, she’s been “recording, having a lot of fun with [her] girlfriends, having a good time.”

Like Gomez, Bieber, 18, says that while he’s relying on his “great friends” to get him through the breakup, it hasn’t been easy. The singer recently told Billboard: “I’m not in the happiest place I’ve ever been. I’m trying to get through what I’m going through.”

Bieber also penned a song – “Nothing Like Us” – about his breakup.