Danielle Levitt
October 02, 2015 11:05 AM

Good for her!

Selena Gomez is single and doing a little mingling, and she’s perfectly happy that way.

“I’m really stoked about being with myself right now,” she told Flare magazine in its November cover story, available on Next Issue now and on newsstands Oct. 12.

The “Good For You” singer – who famously dated Justin Bieber on and off for years and was recently linked to producer Zedd – is having fun, but don’t expect to find her swiping left or right.

“I would never go on Tinder! I think it would scare me. I go on dates,” Gomez, 23, explained, adding with a laugh: “It’s not that difficult – I’m a nice young lady. But that’s not my focus.”

Indeed, her focus the past year has been on herself and her career.

Having taken body shamers to task in the past year, “I feel confident, I feel empowered, I feel in control,” Gomez told the glossy.

That self-assurance – and even her haters – has fueled her work, particularly her upcoming album, Revival, due Oct. 9.

When she was recording the LP, “I was getting criticized because I had gained weight. I was really bummed when I found out all that stuff was going on, and that’s when I was like, ‘I’m so tired of feeling like I’m being pulled down by something,'” she said. “‘Revival’ is the first song on the album, and the first lines are, ‘I feel like I’ve awakened – the chains around me are finally breaking.'”

Selena Gomez
Danielle Levitt

In addition to embracing body-positivity, Gomez embraced her voice’s lower register, something she was once insecure about because “I thought it was a very manly voice.”

Her latest album is a mix of sexy bangers and vulnerable empowerment anthems, and the former Disney star is hitting her stride.

“My strength is translating emotion because I’m such a feeler,” she said. “I’ve felt so much in the past two years, from being super in love and then dealing with things to getting older and all these beautiful experiences that were complicated and exciting. That’s what I wanted the record to feel like.”

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