Selena Gomez does spot-on impersonations of Taylor Swift and Shakira

By Christina Butan
Updated June 28, 2015 01:30 PM
Kyle Rivas/Getty

That’s what best friends are for!

On a recent visit to the iHeartRadio studio earlier this week, Selena Gomez was asked by a fan to do her best impersonation of pal Taylor Swift – and yes, it was spot-on.

Starting her impersonation with a perfect reenactment of Swift’s infamous concert hair toss, Gomez then turned on her inner diva, dramatically pointing into her imaginary crowd.

Like any good best friend, Gomez revealed she’s “seen every single one” of Swift’s concerts.

Selena Gomez: Carefree and Makeup-Free!

The clip also features the singer and actress doing an impressive impersonation of Shakira.

Gomez released the video for her new single featuring A$AP Rocky “Good For You” on Friday.