Selena Gomez Says She's Guarded: 'I Don't Trust Anyone'

The singer released her new single "Good For You" on Monday

Photo: Courtesy Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez says years in the limelight has left her “guarded,” and unable to “trust anyone.”

The singer, 22, who premiered her new single with A$AP Rocky “Good For You” on Monday, spoke candidly about the harsh reality of fame during an interview with Elvis Duran on Z100’s morning show.

“People are like, ‘We want you to be better!’ And everybody’s like ‘I want you to be better’ and everybody’s like ‘I want you to be healthy,’ ‘I want you to be happy,’ ‘I want you to be this,'” she said. “And then the moment you’re trying to find some sort of happiness, it’s so crazy. It’s not safe for anyone! You can’t talk about anything that you want to share with people because it’s going to be ripped apart, and that’s what makes me really sad.”

Gomez said instead she began relying on her music to reveal her thoughts, especially through her 2014 single, “The Heart Wants What It Wants.”

“If you’re going to sit here and talk about my life, I have a right to say what I want and obviously I’m going to do it the way I wish to,” she said, later adding, “I don’t trust anyone.”

“It’s something that I have to live with and I have to find the balance of who I want in my life and who isn’t good for me,” she said.

The Spring Breakers star said she often opts to stay home instead of heading out, because the paparazzi are “everywhere” in Los Angeles.

“I don’t have a cat yet, don’t make me a cat lady yet,” she joked to Duran. “Taylor [Swift]’s trying to convince me to get one.”

Gomez said she thinks her fans are smarter than the gossip because they better understand who she is.

“No matter what happens or what people are saying about me, what’s going to come through is who I am,” she said Monday. “If I was truly everything that people say I am, you would see it. It’s not like I can hide anything anymore!”

The star said she feels people often forget she’s a human being with real feelings.

“I get sad, I get anxious, I get emotional, I get happy,” she said. “Especially in my 20s, my gosh! I feel like I’m figuring out who I am and I’m constantly being criticized.”

Gomez revealed her new song, which features A$AP Rocky, represents her journey to figure herself out and “the confidence of me turning into a young woman.”

“This song represents the confidence that I truly have inside of me, and I think it’s the vulnerable side that I’ve expressed, but it’s also the combination of just feeling myself,” she said, adding, “It’s good!”

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The star was thrilled to collaborate with the rapper for the track, and said it took the song to a different level.

“I’m all about a bridge; I love bridges in a song that to me is such a special moment,” she told Duran. “So he took this song into a whole new other world which I love.”

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