September 24, 2015 05:45 PM

Selena Gomez decided to go “Undercover” recently – well, sort of.

The singer revealed she once took a week-long respite from Instagram, deleting the popular app from her phone for a social media cleansing spell.

“I didn’t have it, and I would have to go to my laptop if I wanted to post something – so that I wouldn’t get caught up in it. You always get wrapped up in it. You look at one image and then you’re on different pages, and then you are 52 weeks in, and it’s just a lot,” the “Same Old Lover” singer told Yahoo Beauty, adding she’s learned to “not give in to” haters.

The Hotel Transylvania 2 actress, 23, has faced her fair share of body-shaming in the past year. And while she’s brushed it off, she is concerned for the younger generation, particularly her younger sister.

“With social media there is so much access to people’s feelings and their hearts more than ever,” she added to the site. “I am so terrified for my little sister to go to school because everything has changed and gotten a little bit more intense.”

As for who the star – whose next album, Revival, drops Oct. 9 – looks to when she needs a support system? Her girlfriends are her go-tos.

“I think it’s equally as important to have [friends] who aren’t in the industry: I live with two roommates, and one of them’s a realtor and the other one works for a charity … I’m able to recognize how people treat me differently than they treat my friends who aren’t famous,” Gomez recently told Extra.

“And then you have people like Taylor [Swift] or Demi [Lovato] or anyone that you’re able tolook in the eye and go, ‘My gosh, this hurts, I don’t understand this. Why are people like this?’ And they get it.

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