By Maria Yagoda
Updated December 08, 2015 05:35 PM
Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty

Hardcore One Direction and Selena Gomez fans are having a difficult time processing rumors of a Gomez-Niall Horan romance.

The pair was spotted having fun at Santa Monica Pier near Los Angeles on Saturday, just one day after they reportedly smooched at Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s birthday party – and fans just don’t know what to believe.

As if the Internet wasn’t freaking out about the theoretical relationship enough, Gomez starting to follow Horan on Instagram on Monday (and her liking pictures of the two of them together) further fueled rumors. Meanwhile, Gomez’s ex, Justin Bieber, continued posting throwback pictures of the two together. So. Much. Dramz.

To put it plainly: The Internet has feelings. For one, many people refuse to believe claims that Horan and Gomez are simply “friends.”

Some people – namely One Direction fans – are angry at the mere prospect of them dating.

Other people just don’t understand them together.

Mostly, people are on board to enjoy the wild ride that is a potential relationship between two stars with insanely loyal, protective fan bases.

And, of course, everything is complicated with Bieber’s indirect involvement.

Obviously, most people want what’s best for Gomez and Horan even if it means that they simply continue being really good friends.