Seinfeld's Dream House

Spending $40 million for a beach house shouldn’t faze Jerry Seinfeld. That’s reportedly the price of the 12-acre honeymoon cottage in East Hampton that the funnyman is said to be buying for his new bride Jessica Sklar. The seller is rocker Billy Joel, who bought the property in the ’80s, when he was still married to model Christie Brinkley. The deal, reputedly one of the most expensive in Hamptons history, is for a Spanish-style manor house that sits on the ocean, as well as a guest house, a pool and a barn that was built in the 1700s. Joel is reportedly moving to the North Shore of Long Island (the Hamptons are on the South Shore) so he can be closer to his music studio — and Jerry’s and Jessica’s new neighbors will be financier Bruce Wasserstein on one side, and Mike Tyson on the other.

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