Seinfeld Returns

It was back to his roots for Jerry Seinfeld last weekend. He surprised the audience — which also included his recent bride, Jessica Sklar — at Bud Friedman’s Improv in Los Angeles, reports Variety. Though not everyone, apparently, was caught offguard by his appearance. His “Seinfeld” costar Michael Richards reportedly stumbled through the room and landed on the stage, causing gasps from the crowd. (Turns out, his daughter Sophia works at the club and in all probability tipped off her dad.) Among Seinfeld’s new comic riffs were his breaking down of the word “shenanigans” and his take on the new automotive satellite navigational systems — which may or may not take you where you want to go. Variety’s Army Archerd also reports that on Sunday in his suite at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Jerry caught the Super Bowl with Richards and another “Seinfeld” alum, Jason Alexander.

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