June 23, 1998 12:00 AM

New parents Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld did their bit for education this week by attending a New York benefit for Pencil, which organizes the Principal for a Day program in the city’s 300 schools. The event marked the Seinfelds’ first night out since their daughter Sascha was born on Nov. 7, reports The New York Times, which quizzed the couple on their new daughter. Who does the kid look like? “She looks more like Jessica,” Jerry Seinfeld told the paper. “I agree,” said Jessica Seinfeld, “more like me.” What surprises him about the baby? “I did not expect her to being doing beadwork this early in her life,” he replied, deadpan. And who was watching the baby while the Seinfelds were out on the town? “She’s home alone,” he said, again deadpan. The Times pointed out that Jessica’s laughter at the latter two responses would suggest that she is her husband’s best personal audience.

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