August 09, 2014 03:20 PM

It only takes about five minutes to make a normal grilled cheese sandwich, but what if you don’t have five minutes? What if you only have, say, 15 seconds?

Then you need the revolutionary new “grilled cheese” that’s disrupting the snack-food space. The recipe is as follows.

• Take a bag of Goldfish and sprinkle it over a microwave-safe plate.

• Peel a stick of string cheese and place the strings in a cross-hatch pattern over the Goldfish.

• Microwave the plate for 15 seconds.

• Eat the entire thing with your hands.

Does it matter that the premise of the video – a man finds his drunk wife making a snack at 2 a.m., films her, then posts it on Reddit – is actually a bit from comedian Ashley Bez? No, it does not. Their relationship may be fake, but the delicious cheesy goodness is all real.

Next time PEOPLE’s Great Ideas is hiring, we’ll be sure to pass Bez’s resume along.

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