Check Out the Cameos in the 'Bitch I'm Madonna' Video, from Beyoncé to Kanye to Miley

We've got all the celebrities making surprise appearances in Madonna's newest video


Two things are clear: She is Madonna, and she has ALL THE CAMEOS.

On Tuesday, Madonna, 56, teased Beyoncé, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus as making cameos in the video for her new single, “Bitch I’m Madonna.”

The video dropped Wednesday on Tidal, the music streaming service backed by Madonna and other pop music notables, and in case you haven’t gotten around to getting a subscription, we’re going to tell you all about it.

The raucous hotel party production plays out like something envisioned by Stefon from Saturday Night Live – “This party has everything: synchronized dancing in bathtubs, sock puppets, featured rappers teleconferencing in their solos, abundant glitter …”

And on top of all that, it has a host Madonna’s famous friends making surprise appearances.

First up, it’s Rita Ora, who pops into the hotel hallway that Madonna’s crawling through long enough to lip-sync the lyrics, “Bitch, I’m Madonna.”

Next is a real surprise: Chris Rock, one of the few cameos from a celebrity not known for his music stylings.

And then there is a chorus of sock puppets. They may not be on the level of the other cameos, but hey – who doesn’t love sock puppets?

The first cameo from someone not in the room for Madonna’s hotel party is Miley Cyrus, who’s sporting pixie wings and yet even more glitter.

Someone who is in attendance? Fashion designer Alexander Wang, who pops in for a few seconds to get in on the lip-sync action.

And right behind him is Diplo, who co-produced tracks on Madonna’s Rebel Heart album.

Then we get a micro-cameo from Beyoncé that lasts about as long as it takes to mouth the title of the song. Like Miley, she’s being beamed in from parts unknown.

And next is Katy Perry’s turn. She shows up a few times, and wherever she was when she filmed her cameo, she seems like she’s feeling the music.

Maybe the best cameo? Madonna’s son David Banda, who shows off his dance moves and proves that, much like his mom, he knows how to play to the camera.

When he shouts “Who do you think you are?” the screen flashes to Kanye West so quickly it’s almost subliminal.

And finally, the one cameo we should have expected from the beginning: Nicki Minaj, who’s a featured performer on “Bitch I’m Madonna.” Once more, she’s not actually present at the party, but instead appears on a screen held by the dancers.

Madonna’s Changing Looks

Coming on the heels of Taylor Swift’s similarly celeb-studded “Bad Blood” video, it’s hard not to compare it to “Bitch I’m Madonna.” If the winner is judged purely on the basis of the number of sock puppets appearing, however, we think you know which one comes out on top.

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