Taylor Swift and her girl group are transformed into superheroes by Los Angeles-based illustrator and designer Michael Nozinich

By Nicole Sands
September 25, 2015 09:05 PM
Michael Nozinich/Obsev

Introducing Taylor Swift and her super squad!

The pop star and her girl friends – including pals Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss, Lorde, Serayah, Hayley Williams and Hailee Steinfeld – have been re-imagined into super heroes by Los Angeles illustrator and designer Michael Nozinich.

The “Style” singer of course leads the pack as Supergirl, who, like Swift, is known to be strong and loyal. Not to mention, she has her male counterpart, Superman – a.k.a. Calvin Harris – by her side. And if we do say so ourselves, they make the perfect power couple.

Selena Gomez as Wonder Woman
Michael Nozinich/Obsev

Though Gomez stars as a villain in Swift’s “Bad Blood” music video, she is anything but evil. The singer comes to life as Wonder Woman, which is very fitting for a star who handles body shamers like a pro.

Serayah as Batgirl
Michael Nozinich/Obsev

Right off the bat, it’s clear to see why Empire it-girl Serayah has come forth as Batgirl – an entertaining, adorable teenager just like the Empire star herself. Serayah is one of the newest members of the girl group and says it’s “so inspiring” how down-to-earth Swift was when they first met.

“When Taylor called, she said, ‘Thank you so much for saying you’ll do it,'” the actress said during her ASOS October cover interview of when she learned she got the part in Swift’s celeb-packed video. “And I replied, ‘Come on! Anything! I’m there!’ It just shows that huge pop stars can still have that humility, which is so inspiring.”

It’s safe to say, this is one group you don’t want to mess with.

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