The mother of three returned to her model figure in two months

While celebrity moms often rock fantastic post-birth bods, the turnaround time on this transformation is particularly impressive.

Russian supermodel Elena Perminova, 28, returned to her pre-baby weight in just two months, washboard abs and all.

“‘I started [exercising] just two weeks afterwards, even though I had a Caesarian,” she told Vogue Russia. “There were no breaks at weekends.”

The husband of media tycoon Alexander Lebedev posed naked for Russian Vogue at eight months pregnant, and then again 60 days after the arrival of her newest baby, Arina.

Perminova said her impressive post-pregnancy figure is the result of a grueling daily workout regimen, based on exercises she found on Instagram.

“You do not need to hire a celebrity coach. It is enough to follow their account and watch a couple of videos,” she told the magazine.

The supermodel’s favorite account? That of Australian trainer Kayla Itsines.

While Perminova did not work out her abs immediately after giving birth, she did start right in on her butt and thighs, sharing pictures of her workouts on her own Instagram account, along with revealing photos to show her progress.

“During the pregnancy I had to give up sports for medical reasons, but then I got back to it,” Perminova said in the glossy. “The result came very soon – the buttocks lifted, the legs gathered up. All thanks to the fact that muscles have good memory.”

In addition to working out, the Russian beauty said she eats healthfully to maintain her figure.

“If I eat a lot of pastry and sweets, I will not put on weight,” said Perminova, “but I can easily get cellulite or acne.”