'It Takes a Very Long Time!' See the Kids of Today React to a Typewriter

Youngsters find themselves mystified at life before there were printers

Photo: The Fine Bros

It’s been a hot minute since typewriters were a common feature of daily life, so you might expect the kids who react to old things in the popular Kids React series to be mystified by their functions.

But thanks to the power of movies and TV, pretty much all the children featured in the Fine Brothers’ latest video were familiar with how typewriters worked.

That doesn’t mean, though, that they enjoyed the experience with the 1950s Remington Quiet Riter. Save for one young typewriter nostalgist, all the kids involved complained about the effort required to even punch the keys, to say nothing of the complicated maneuvers required to get onto the next line.

Watch the video above, and give thanks you’ll likely never have to work with carbon paper. That stuff looks nasty.

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