A clip from the actor's new movie St. Vincent has the star crooning in classic Bill Murray fashion

By Drew Mackie
October 06, 2014 07:45 PM

Bill Murray has reached a point where he can receive praise for exuding sheer Bill Murray-ness.

This clip from the forthcoming comedy St. Vincent, for example, has the star looking rumpled, smoking on patio furniture and endangering the life of a potted plant – all while he warbles along to Bob Dylan’s “Shelter from the Storm.”

So, of course, it went viral.

In short, you’re watching Murray’s character fail to do much of anything well, and it perfectly hits the sweet spot of our love for all his past lovable schlubs.

St. Vincent, which has Murray playing babysitter to the son of a neighbor (Melissa McCarthy), opens in limited release on Oct. 10.

If you simply cannot wait until Friday for the onscreen Bill Murray-ness, might we suggest that other clip of the actor Bill Murray-ing his way through a familiar song?

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