Don’t invite Sean Penn and his wife Robin Wright Penn to the same party with media magnate Rupert Murdoch. New York’s Daily News (the rival paper to Murdoch’s Post) reports that Sean recently fired off a scorching letter to Murdoch’s 20th Century Fox studio after execs there refused his request to fly his family to a Texas screening of “The Thin Red Line.” Now Robin is refusing to speak to Fox TV reporters at this weekend’s promotional junket for her new Warner Bros. movie “Message in a Bottle,” says the News. Not only is Sean’s letter gaining legendary status for chutzpah, it raises questions about his ever working for Fox again and about just how working-class his values really are. In the letter the actor writes, “Mr. Murdoch’s gigantic corporation” has grown rich “exploiting the pain and suffering of myself and my peers in their tabloids.” He further contends that the use of a chartered jet would amount to “the fair market price of one hair on Mr. Rupert Murdoch’s formidable a–.”