Sean Penn's Son Hopper Reveals He Battled Crystal Meth Addiction

Penn reveals his struggles with addiction nearly landed him on the streets in ES Magazine

Sean Penn’s son Hopper is opening up about how his dad’s tough love helped him kick meth.

The 23-year-old recently sat down for a candid interview with ES Magazine, in which he reveals his struggles with addiction nearly landed him on the streets.

“I was pretty bad,” Hopper admits. “I just got caught a lot doing stuff, you know? Whether it was my parents or the cops.”

After falling in with “the wrong crowd,” Hopper says he went from being “a pothead” to taking crystal meth. “I was doing a lot of stuff,” he says, “but meth was the main one that brought me down.”

Hopper eventually agreed to get help, but only after getting a firm ultimatum from his dad. “I went to rehab because I woke up in a hospital and my dad was like, ‘Rehab? Or bus bench?’ I was like, ‘I’ll take the bed,’ ” he remembers.

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“Thank God I got out of that because that was the worst time in my life,” adds Hopper. “Because it’s not fun when it gets to a point where you just need it.”

Hopper also opened up about how difficult it was when his famous parents — his mom is House of Cards star Robin Wright — got divorced.

“Honestly? I was pretty mad, because they had split up before and then got back together, and then they did it again,” he explains. “So it was like, ‘Pick which one you’re gonna do.’ “

Hopper says his parent’s relationship was also difficult for his sister, model Dylan Penn, 25. “I was young and thinking: ‘Are you just f—— with me and my sister?’ I mean it was not the best. It was kind of tough talking to them. Because they were both pretty broken too, I think.”

Despite his famous pedigree, Hopper says he never felt like the other children of celebrities in Hollywood. “Some of the kids that grow up in Los Angeles with that life, they have this impression of themselves, like they’re more important than other people,” he says.

“But they’re not real to me,” Hopper adds. “I don’t feel like I have a Hollywood family, really. I feel pretty normal.”

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