Most Wanted/Flynet
October 15, 2008 11:50 AM

What’s life like for the three kids in the Seal-Heidi Klum household? Pretty ordinary, says Seal.

“Kids don’t care about music and fashion,” Seal, 45, told PEOPLE at Tuesday’s Africa Rising concert in London. “They just run around and break things. We don’t talk about stuff like that at home.”

Asked how he’d feel if his kids – Leni, 4 (Klum’s daughter with Flavio Briatore); Henry, 3; and Johan, nearly 2 – wanted to follow him into the music business, the singer said: “I’d encourage our kids to do anything they wanted as long as they don’t have aspirations to be a serial killer or in the military. I have three American kids. I’d have a real problem with [them joining the military] after the debacle of the past eight years.”

The London native said he was happy to be back in his hometown. “It’s not often I get to perform in London,” he said. “I’m a busy man. Lots of kids to look after, and a wife.”

Told he hadn’t picked up much of an American accent (Klum, 35, Seal and the children live in New York), Seal said: “You should hear me when I talk to Obama.”

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