By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated February 10, 2003 10:49 AM

Steven Seagal is due on the witness stand in Brooklyn Tuesday to testify against two reputed Mob figures who joined the action star’s former producer in allegedly trying to shake down the action star for $3 million, the New York Daily News reports.

And he is not going on the stand willingly, according to testimony that Seagal, 52, gave a grand jury last May.

“I think that to testify in a case like this could put me and my family in grave danger,” said Seagal, according to documents obtained by the New York Post. “It could destroy my career if this gets out.”

Though he reportedly said he would claim the Fifth Amendment to avoid testifying — for which prosecutors granted Seagal immunity, to insure that he would speak — Seagal told the grand jury, “I’m not the kind of guy that people threaten … You know, it’s never happened before.”

The case involves a federal investigation of alleged Mob connections on New York’s Staten Island.

Seagal claims that his ex-producer, Jules Nasso, demanded the money (Seagal and Nasso went their separate ways in the late ’90s) and he leaned on alleged Mob ties to collect.

According to the Post, lawyers speaking for defendants Anthony “Sonny” Ciccone and Primo Cassarino (the feds claim the men belong to the reputed Gambino crime family) call Seagal “a pathological liar.”

Nasso’s attorney, Barry Levin, tells the Daily News: “It’s going to be very embarrassing for Mr. Seagal.”