Mary Weiland blames her bipolar disorder for fight, saying Scott was just trying to calm her

By Oliver Jones
Updated March 28, 2007 07:00 PM

Rock musician Scott Weiland’s wife blamed an imbalance in her medication to treat a bipolar disorder for a weekend blowout that led to her arrest.

“For lack of a better expression I was unstable and just ‘lost it,’ ” Mary Weiland, 31, said in a statement Wednesday.

Mary Weiland was arrested and booked for investigation of felony arson vandalism after allegedly torching $10,000 worth of Scott’s prized menswear outside their Southern California home on Saturday.

“The weekend’s difficulties were brought on by a reaction to an imbalance in medications used to treat my bipolar disorder,” Mary Weiland says. “Scott was simply trying to help calm me down. I want to make it very clear that he did not hurt me in any way.”

Weiland, the lead singer for Velvet Revolver and Stone Temple Pilots, and his wife have returned home as a couple, and are taking care of the their two children, Noah, 6, and Lucy, 4, who were staying with family when Weiland was arrested night and did not witness to the fight.

“Scott and I are very involved in our children’s lives on a daily basis and we love them unconditionally,” says Mary Weiland.

The Weilands were in the process of moving from their Toluca Lake home when the incident took place and still hope to be moving into their new Los Angeles home together.

“After nearly seven years of marriage,” says Mary Weiland, “I am truly grateful to have a loving husband, drug-free for 3 1/2 years now, who is able to care for me during this challenging time.”