Past his divorce from Jennifer Garner, the actor tries a new role in CBS s The Unit


Scott Foley, 33, is now past his divorce from former Felicity costar Jennifer Garner – and is trying on a new role in CBS’s The Unit.

Move It, Tubby! Best known for playing lovelorn Noel Crane on Felicity (1998-2002), Foley has transformed himself. To portray a covert military operative on the CBS drama The Unit, Foley buffed up with a trainer. “I’m either on the elliptical machine or running every day,” says Foley. “People come up to me and say, ‘You were the fat guy from Felicity.‘ I think, ‘I was?'”

Overseas Mission After filming the show’s first season, Foley didn’t want to just “sit on a beach and drink pi a coladas.” Instead he headed for Thailand to help rebuild homes lost in the tsunami. “I was stacking these compressed dirt bricks,” says Foley. “It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. If I didn’t have a home, a career and a girlfriend here, I’d still be there.”

Battle Tested So, are he and Jennifer Garner – whom he divorced in 2003 – still friendly? “I have absolutely no comment,” says Foley, who guards his privacy. “There are people who love to live in glass houses. Not me.”

Foley surely isn’t crying in his gunny sack. “Scott is amazing,” says his girlfriend of 21?2 years, actress Marika Dominczyk (TV’s Heist). Says Foley: “I feel the same way about her.”