Scott Eastwood Makes Saving the Environment a Whole Lot Sexier

"Right now, we only protect two percent of the world's oceans," the actor tells PEOPLE. "By 2020 the goal is protecting ten percent of the world's oceans"

Photo: Sara Jaye Weiss/Startraks

When he’s not filming supervillain movies with world-class actors (ehem, Suicide Squad), Scott Eastwood is lending a hand to the community – our oceans in particular.

“Davidoff Cool Water [fragrances] has a partnership with National Geographic which is really cool. It’s called the Pristine Seas Project,” Eastwood, 30, told PEOPLE on Sunday. “So for every bottle sold, it goes to help protect 10,000 square meters of ocean. Right now, we only protect two percent of the world’s oceans. By 2020 the goal is protecting ten percent of the world’s oceans.”

This year, the brand is supporting its Love the Ocean campaign by promoting clean beaches and encouraging people to prompt change.

Eastwood, who participated in a clean-up in San Diego this past weekend, said protecting our beaches and oceans is crucial.

“What most people don’t realize is that fifty percent of the breathable air in the atmosphere comes from the ocean. It’s something that can’t be ignored.”

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The handsome actor and son of Clint Eastwood, who loves everything about the ocean (i.e. surfing, fishing, etc.), admits that he tries not to focus on the misconceptions and fears that come with getting in the water.

“I can’t say I’ve never thought about it, but for me it’s not really something I think about,” he said. “If there are times where I’m out in the water – usually whatever you’re thinking about in your life, whatever stuff you’ve got going on or dealing with – usually that sort of just melts away. I kind of forget whatever is going on.”

Between movie shoots, volunteering and his bustling social life, Eastwood says he has little down time but has found a trick to getting some rest.

“I turn off my phone and disappear,” he said.

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