Scott Eastwood: Six Things to Know About the Young Actor

He's more than a pretty face. Here's what to know about the son of Clint Eastwood

Photo: Noe DeWitt/Town&Country

Scott Eastwood seems to be Hollywood’s newest heartthrob.

But Eastwood, 27, the son of Clint Eastwood, has some varied skills to accompany those dashing good looks.

Here are six fun facts about the Fury actor:

He can hang 10 with the best of them: Raised on the ocean in Hawaii (and now living near the ocean in San Diego), Eastwood spends every minute he can on the water, preferably surfing. “I grew up an outdoorsman, that’s for sure,” he tells PEOPLE. “I was always surfing or fishing, diving or hunting, what have you.” His best surfing memory? “Salsipuedes, Mexico, in the winter swell of 2008. The waves were perfect and I was there with my best buddy.”

Family first: Eastwood’s siblings may be spread out both geographically and chronologically but that doesn’t stop him from keeping Team Eastwood together. “Family is extremely important to Scott,” says stepmother Dina Eastwood. “He is the family glue. He is the first one to call his siblings to get them all together.”

He’s a serious mixologist: While establishing his career as an actor, Eastwood, who is part owner of the dive bar the Saddle in Solana Beach, Calif., paid his bills tending bar around San Diego and Los Angeles. “You do have to have a little bit of an attitude as a bartender,” he says. “You also have to be very quick on your feet. But the important thing is not to take sh– from anybody. In that respect, you are kind of a glorified babysitter.”

Don’t credit nepotism for his success: While Eastwood has had small parts in four of his father’s films, he has carved his own way as an actor. “Nobody handed him anything,” says Dina. “He has always made his own way.” Plus, working with dad was no walk in the park. He doesn’t go easy on me,” says Scott with a laugh. “He was much harder on me than he was on anyone else, I will tell you that.”

He loves to golf: When he’s not on the sand, Eastwood hits the links. “You can thank my dad for that,” he says. “He has his own golf course and forced me to play. He told me when I was young that it was one of the few lifelong sports.” Eastwood adds, “Golf is one of the few things where you are just allowed to leave your life behind for four hours and all that matters is … being out in nature and talking sh– with your buddies.”

It’s all for movie magic: All that fuss about how ridiculously hot he is? He hasn’t been listening. “I have been working as an actor for the last 10 years now, quietly working on my craft,” says Eastwood. “All the other noise and ambient stuff? I kind of tune it out. I just want to make some good movies, and that is why I got into this. I am a firm believer in good story telling and the magic of movies.”

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