Scott Disick Opens Up About His Rehab Stay: 'I Plan to Go Back'

The reality star opened up to PEOPLE about his rehab stay

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Scott Disick‘s rehab stint went exactly according to plan, despite speculation that he bailed early on his treatment.

The reality star first made headlines when he checked into a Costa Rican rehab facility in mid-March. He later made headlines again when left after only a week. It turns out, though, Scott only intended to be there for a week anyway.

The reality star opened up exclusively to PEOPLE about his stay at the Rhythmia Life Advancement Center, saying that he plans to return again.

“The funny thing is, a lot of people were under the impression that I was going to this rehab facility in Costa Rica for a month, when the truth was, I was going for a week for one treatment that they have there,” he said. “I’m not done. I plan to go back to this place.”

“It’s an amazing place,” he continued. “It’s beautiful and I love it, but I wasn’t able to spend three or four weeks there right now. I never planned on it, and everyone keeps telling me that I dropped out early.

“I wanted to actually Instagram or tweet a photo of my tickets that showed that I never intended to stay any longer than I stayed I’m a work in progress and anything that I can do to better myself, I’m trying.”

Disick called the rehab center “very therapeutic” and said he went to this specific facility because one of its treatments specializes in using an African root called Ibogaine.

“It kind of resets the receptors in your brain and kind of helps you kind of remember and look at your childhood and gain knowledge on what’s gone wrong that makes you want to either drink or do drugs or whatever it may be that compensates for what you’re not getting,” he said.

The treatment, he said, has helped him him.

“It helped my dramatically to see some of the things that have troubled me in the past, but I’m not done,” he stressed. “I plan to go back and I hope it helps me even more to get to a point where I’m fully cured of some of things that I struggle with.”

On Friday night, “Lord Disick” faced his struggles head-on as he hosted a party at Las Vegas’s 1 OAK Nightclub. Although he was surrounded but booze, Disick didn’t partake, sticking only to Red Bull and water. And at dinner earlier in the evening at Stack, Disick again sipped Fiji water while his seven friends all imbibed on alcoholic drinks.

Staying sober in Vegas can be a difficult feat, so maybe this particular treatment is working for the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star.

“It does work and I’ve been [to Rhythmia] twice,” he said. “I’ll go back when I want to and get some more treatments. And, listen, I really love it and I think it helped me. Obviously I’m not a perfect human being yet, but maybe down the road I’ll be pretty close to it.”

Scott Disick Enters Rehab: ‘I’m Ready to Truly Remedy This Struggle I Continue to Battle’

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