Scott Baio's Wife Renee Diagnosed with Brain Tumor – 'I Want to Bring Awareness to This'

"We are waiting to learn the exact location to see if it's operable," the actor shared on social media

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Scott Baio is asking for prayers.

His wife, Renee, has been diagnosed with a brain tumor, the actor shared on Facebook Tuesday.

“Just a few days ago we learned my wife, Renee has a meningioma brain tumor,” Baio, 54, wrote. “Although 90% of these type of tumors are benign they can cause serious problems depending on the size of the tumor and the location. We are waiting to learn the exact location to see if it’s operable.”

“Renee has been down some rough roads in her life, yet each time with her strong faith in God, she comes through a better and stronger person,” he continued. “During this time we ask for your prayers and support. My wife is my rock. She refuses to even shed one tear, nor will she question God’s will. Renee, Bailey and I will get through this and along the way maybe help educate others to get checked out (MRI with contrast) as 6,500 people each year, mostly women get these tumors.”

Scott Baio’s Wife Diagnosed with Brain Tumor Me

Baio and his wife have been married for more than seven years, and the couple have a daughter, Bailey DeLuca, 7.

Unfortunately, this is not the first health scare for the family. In 2008, Baio opened up about his daughter possibly having a rare metabolic disorder called glutaric acidemia type 1. After over three months of waiting, the family finally received the happy news that Bailey was healthy. They have since started a foundation to help children with the disorder and will hold their first charity golf tournament in September.

However, health woes struck the family again in 2010 as Renee was diagnosed with DCIS stage 0-1 early breast cancer (thankfully, she tested negative for BRCA1 or 2 mutations). After a successful lumpectomy in October of that year, Renee has since undergone two other lumpectomies, most recently in 2014 – both of which came back benign. There is a history of association between meningiomas – which develop from the brain and spinal cord linings – and breast cancer, studies have found, attributed to hormones.

“I only wish my health issues to be open to the public in the hope that I can educate others,” Renee tells PEOPLE exclusively. “I want to bring awareness to this. I’ve been suffering from migraines and cluster headaches for almost two years and was told that because I am over 40 and premenopausal, my hormones had changed. Unfortunately, a lot of women are given this explanation and they need to get checked out – an MRI did not pick up the tumor, but an MRI with contrast spotted it.”

She continues, “God does not challenge weak people – he has laid this upon me and I’m not going to question it. If I can save one person along the way, I’m okay. The trials and tribulations my special needs kids go through daily is far greater than the journey I’m about to go on.”

Reporting by SARAH MICHAUD

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