The creepy intruder stung a woman's hand and then was promptly killed by a flight attendant

By Kelli Bender
Updated February 16, 2015 06:45 PM
Credit: Photolibrary/Getty

Put your tray tables up, your seats in their upright position, and prepare to get a little more afraid of flying.

A female passenger on an Alaska Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Portland, Oregon, on Saturday was stung on the hand by a scorpion that somehow managed to find its way inside the plane, reports USA Today.

The unsettling event occurred while the plane was taxiing to the runway for takeoff. Following the incident, the aircraft was diverted back to the gate so the woman could receive immediate medical attention.

The Oregon University men’s basketball team, who were returning home after a game, were also on the same flight as the scorpion, sitting just two rows back from the woman who was stung.

“The woman was a real champ. She acted like it was a mosquito bite,” Oregon coach Wayne Tinkle told ESPN. “They got it off her, but the needle was stuck.”

After arriving at the gate, the woman was checked by paramedics and treated for the sting. Officials offered to take the victim to receive additional medical treatment, but she declined.

As for the plane, passengers told CNN that the crew handled the creepy intruder calmly and professionally. The scorpion was allegedly killed by an attendant shortly after stinging the passenger.

“When the flight was at the gate, as medics were checking out the customer, some maintenance employees came on the plane to do a look through the cabin to make sure there were no other scorpions,” airline spokesperson Cole Cosgrove told ABC News.

Alaska Airlines Flight 567 arrived safely sans scorpion in Oregon after about a 30-minute delay. According to The Oregonian, passengers were told the scorpion most likely arrived via a carry-on bag from the aircraft’s previous trip from Mexico to Los Angeles.