By peoplestaff225
Updated February 11, 2002 01:40 AM

Despite damaging reviews and a controversial plot, Arnold Schwarzenegger kicked butt at the box office this weekend with his latest action thriller, “Collateral Damage,” which was the weekend’s biggest draw as far as ticket sales were concerned. Various groups had called the film exploitative of the events of Sept. 11 (Schwarzenegger, 54, plays a fireman who goes after Colombian terrorists who cause an explosion that kills his wife and child). In addition, some groups protested the movie’s treatment of Colombians. Other critically lambasted movies, “Big Fat Liar” and “Rollerball,” also attracted moviegoers like bees to honey. The Top 10 movies at the box office this past weekend, according to studio estimates, are as follows:

1. “Collateral Damage,” $15.2 million
2. “Big Fat Liar,” $11.7 million
3. “Rollerball,” $9 million
4. “Black Hawk Down,” $8 million
5. “Snow Dogs,” $6.7 million
6. “The Count of Monte Cristo,” $6.3 million
7. “A Beautiful Mind,” $5.8 million
8. “A Walk to Remember,” $5.77 million
9. “The Mothman Prophecies,” $4.9 million
10. “I Am Sam,” $4.5 million