The Washington high schoolers' loss will be Ghanian orphans' gain

By Nate Jones
Updated March 12, 2014 11:00 AM

It’s a Belieber’s dream – and many other students’ nightmare: A high school in Washington state played Justin Bieber‘s “Baby” incessantly until students donated $500 to charity.

Tenino High School’s coercion-by-pop scheme was the brainchild of student government president Connor Stakelin, who is organizing a fundraiser for orphans in Ghana. The money will go to Tenino’s sister school, Crossover International Academy in Ghana.

The school blasted the Bieber track, which features a guest verse from Ludacris, during lunch and in between classes, until the fundraising goal was met.

This isn’t the first time “Baby” has been used to spur charitable donations: In 2011 an Illinois school played the song on repeat until students raised $1,000 for a local arts center.

“The whole idea is all in good fun, and helps the students think globally,” teacher Geraldine Maxfield told the Seattle Times.

“For some [students] it’s an incentive to donate because they don’t want to hear ["Baby"] anymore,” Stakelin told local news network King 5.

“My head is about to explode right now,” student Zack Chamberlain told the station Monday afternoon. “I’m pretty sure I’ve had five ibuprofen already.”

Fortunately for Chamberlain’s sanity, the music stopped before it reached full Ludovico levels: By Tuesday, donations had reached $900, and the hallways were soon filled by the sound of Bieberless silence.

Still it could have been worse: Had a student vote gone the other way, the entire school would have been forced to endure Rebecca Black’s “Friday” instead.

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