The newlywed says she "squealed with delight" when Ryan Reynolds presented her with a diamond ring


Newlywed Scarlett Johansson has a confession.

“I wasn’t surprised,” she says, of when actor Ryan Reynolds proposed to her last year. “You say you can’t believe it,” she tells Harper’s Bazaar in its February issue, “but of course you really can.”

The actress, 24, who wed Reynolds, 32, in an intimate ceremony at a Canadian wilderness retreat in September, says she was thrilled. “Anyone being presented with a diamond ring, you just squeal with delight.”

Johansson, whose film He’s Just Not That Into You opens in February, also tells the magazine that she and Reynold have no plans to expand their family just yet.

“I’m not pregnant nor will I be any time soon,” she reveals.

One thing she is hoping for? To star in a western.

“I would run a brothel, like a madam or something. It’s only so long that people are going to want to see me in a corset. So I might as well do it now,” she tells the magazine.